During the initial project design phase, and prior to the construction document phase, Pinnacle Services Group, Inc. will participate in the development of the project criteria, coordination of an approved site/master plan concept, preconstruction cost evaluation, and scheduling support. We will support the design architect in developing the project criteria that will describe the requirements and objectives of your project.  We offer suggestions to improve the end product and expedite the project without altering the designer’s original intent.

Pre-construction responsibilities may include:

  • Assist in the selection of design team including architects and appropriate consultants
  • Prepare and negotiate contracts for design team members
  • Prepare overall project budget
  • Establish design milestone dates
  • Review and evaluate drawings and specifications
  • Conceptual Estimating
  • Project Delivery Planning
  • Monitor and assist with permitting process
  • Provide value engineering recommendations for cost savings and life-cycle costing
  • Prepare a detailed design and construction schedule
  • Review qualifications of contractors and coordinate contractor selection
  • Prepare and negotiate contractor agreement(s)
  • Trade Prequalification / Solicitation
  • Constructability Reviews